CSEdWeek and Beyond

Last week was an awesome week for Computer Science Education. A total of 1,693 people took the pledge on CSEdWeek.org to share information, participate in activities and spread the word of the essential role computing and Computer Science Education has in our society. Teachers participated in classroom activities, students designed websites and participated in field trips, and guest speakers tapped into the minds of middle and high school students. So what now? It does not have to end there.
The United States House of Representatives endorsed December 5-11 as Computer Science Education week, however there are ways to advocate all year. Use last week as a momentum to develop programs, host industry partners, create a local task force and get things started in your area. I have provided a list below of suggested steps being used by CSTA’s Leadership Cohort. You can select one to two items in support of Computer Science Education. Get on board! Contact the CSTA Leadership Cohort member for your state to begin the process of collaborating in efforts to gain support in your local area.
Suggested Items:

  • Speak with a principal about supporting CS
  • Speak to parents about supporting CS
  • Speak to PTA about supporting CS
  • Host a school CS open house
  • Attend local CSTA chapter meetings
  • Send letter to state policymaker about supporting CS education
  • Call to state policymaker about supporting CS
  • Host state official at school
  • Call to local industry representative about supporting CS
  • Meet with local industry/business representative about supporting CS
  • Call a local higher education institution’s computer science department (community or four year institution) about supporting K-12 CS
  • Computing in the Core released the Top 10 facts about Computer Science Education. These are great talking points to share during your journey.
    Advocacy Resources:
    Computer Science Teachers Association
    Computing in the Core
    Computer Science Rocks!
    Shemeka D. Shufford
    Board of Directors

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