Message from Dave Burkhart

Hello Everyone
As one of the candidates for the CSTA Board of Directors, I am writing to ask for your support in this election.
When someone is first elected to the CSTA Board of Directors, she or he might think that what we do is sit around and give our opinions, but my experience as a Director has taught me that this Board is different from those of organizations because it is a “working Board.” This means that the Directors participate directly, not just in the policy making, but in managing projects and creating new resources intended to help us meet our mission and serve our members.
Serving as the Chair of the Membership Committee, I’ve come to realize not only how large our membership has become (more than 8300 members!) but how diverse. We have members from every level of education, from every kind of teaching situation, and from over 100 countries. So figuring out how to continually improve how we meet the needs of all of these members is a big job that requires hard work by both Board and staff members.
The Member Satisfaction Survey is one of the most concrete examples of how CSTA continually monitors the usefulness of our current projects, the needs of our members, and their suggestions for new resources and services. This survey (and your participation in it) allows us to ground our decisions and activities in real data. It also gives us a good idea of where to put future resources to provide more or improved member benefits.
As a candidate for the 9-12 Representative position, I promise that if I am elected, I will to continue to work to find new and better ways to serve your needs and to make sure that your voice continues to be a driving force for everything that CSTA does.
If you are a CSTA member, you should have received an email from ElectionBuddy that provides a link to the online election ballot. Please take the time to review the candidate materials:
and the information about the proposed changes to our by-laws:
And be sure to cast your vote before the election closes on May 1, 2011.
Thanks very much.
Dave Burkhart
Sheridan High School

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