CSTA Funding Committee

Another of CSTA’s standing committees is the Funding Committee. Our charter is to support the initiatives of the CSTA, and help ensure the sustainability of our organization.

We keep an eye out for federal and other grant opportunities, and then we bring together groups of CSTA people and others to hash out the ideas and ultimately submit proposals.

A lot of the practical fund-raising work is also carried out in a continuous process by Lissa Clayborn, our acting executive director.

The Funding Committee is led by Fred Martin (chair) and Dave Reed (co-chair).

If you know of a grant opportunity that’s a fit for the CSTA, please let us know!

Fred Martin
University Representative

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About Fred Martin

Fred Martin is Associate Dean for Student Success in the Kennedy College of Sciences, and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He has been serving on the board of CSTA since 2014, and is presently chair of CSTA's Board of Directors.