Extending a conference invitation to your administrator

By: Pat Phillips

As you are well aware, the Annual CSTA Conference is only a couple months away. Registration and housing are open, the agenda nearly set, and anticipation is soaring for another extraordinary program of workshops, sessions, and events. This is a wonderful event for CS and IT educators to learn about new tools, teaching resources, pedagogy, and all things CS education professional development.

But what about your administrators? Is your district rich in CS education or just at the beginning stages of building a strong program? Are there administrators, principals, curriculum directors, or IT professionals that you just wish could know what you’ve learned about why CS education is vital to a 21st Century K—12 program and a vibrant community? Why not invite them??

There are dozens of reasons for them to attend! You know how contagious the excitement about CS gets at the conference…what better way than to share that excitement with the people who can make a difference in your program.

Go ahead. Send this link to all of your administrators with a note about how excited you are about attending, why it’s the best CS education conference, and why you hope they might come along. cstaconference.org.