Connecting K-12 CS Educators to Content through Search

Cameron L. Fadjo, CS Custom Search Project Lead

The recent wave of interest in having students, particularly those in grades K through 12, learn computer science has led to a surge in the development of many new and exciting programs and tools. Whether it is comprehensive curricula, engaging projects, robust online educational programs, extensible programming languages, or after school programs, there is something for just about everyone in CS education. As more programs get rolled out online through various sources, though, it is increasingly challenging to locate and explore these new resources.

At Google, we’re passionate about organizing information and making it universally accessible and useful. Over the past couple of years we’ve heard from numerous CS teachers (many of whom are members of CSTA) that it would be extremely helpful if there was an easier way to access a wide range of different classroom-related CS materials and programs. To address this challenge, we created Computer Science (CS) Custom Search, a search engine that has been customized with over 500 different CS education websites.

CS Custom Search has been designed to support users with different levels of experience with CS. By incorporating suggested search queries into the landing page, we believe this helps less experienced users with their initial exploration of CS and more experienced users discover even more programs or tools.

Please check out CS Custom Search and let us know how it works for you. Our goals are to continue to increase the number of sites on CS Custom Search in parallel with the ever-expanding list of new resources and to ensure that the search experience continuously reflects the needs of its audience – the CS education community.

Want to get started? Visit CS Custom Search to begin your search.

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