Teaching and PBL

By: Moslem Cherif, CSTA Member

As we know, learning is becoming something of a bore for students in our days. This problem gets bigger day after day, without intervention or mediation of anyone. The solution here, is to use a type of learning that can create motivation for students, and here we have the idea of PBL.

PBL (Problem Based Learning) is a method to motivate the students based on self- learning, knowing that our current methods can become a little lazy.

Giving a problem to solve, or a project to finish can motivate any student and give him/her the energy to search and to use their imaginations. This method fosters active learning, improved understanding and retention, and development of lifelong learning skills.

As with any method, PBL has limits and drawbacks. It can cause disruption when working on a team, and it may also complicate the evaluation.