Out of Your Seat Comp Sci: Coding Using the Kinect

By: Doug Bergman, CSTA 2015 Annual Conference Presenter

One of our most successful and popular high school Computer Science classes is also one of our most challenging: Coding for the Kinect camera, where the students spend all semester working on a single project using the Microsoft Kinect. The Kinect API, using the C# language, allows students to collect and interpret 3D skeletal streaming data. Because of the nature of the technology, classes tend to be extremely collaborative and active. But what kinds of projects can the students do, after all they are only in high school, right? You’d be surprised– simulations, games, interactive activities, tutorials, analysis programs, and learning tools. The thought processes involved in moving from the standard keyboard/mouse 2D input forces students to think in 3D space and also to use gestures, motions, and positioning. Check out this presentation to find out more, but don’t expect to just sit back and watch—I am looking for volunteers in the audience to try out real student projects, and we’ll walk through the code together to see what this code looks like. We’ll even build a small program together to show how students can work through their logic of developing functioning code. Yes, your students not only CAN do this, they will LOVE it.

You can attend Doug’s session on Tuesday, July 14, 2015, plus more by registering on our conference page.